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Saturday, December 5, 2009

DNS benchmark showdown: Google DNS, Open DNS, Comcast, and more. Using Google's new DNS tool

Google is providing a new DNS benchmarking tool for free.  Available in .dmg, .exe, .tgz.

I ran the test a few times against my default ISP settings for DNS (Comcast).  Some example results are below.  I was hoping for better performance from Google's DNS, but perhaps I'll try again at a later time.  In my tests so far, my ISP's DNS usually comes in first or second (second to UU Cache-4).  At times Sprint and OnRamp will make it to the top.

Then again speed is not be everything.  OpenDNS has tons of cool features.  And as a side note, I'm using dd-wrt on a linksys router (default DNS settings) running the tests from a MBpro.

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