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Monday, December 7, 2009

Boxee Beta details, now with DXVA (DirectX Video Acceleration)

A recent blog post from Boxee gives details about the new public beta release due Jan 7th (they're still in alpha).  The most important detail in the announcement... support for DXVA.  What's so cool about that?  If your processor has problems displaying High Def video (720p, 1080p) then you may see some performance improvements with the CPU offloading video decoding to the GPU (your graphics card).  For example, if you have a blu-ray rip that's encoded 1080p your CPU alone may not be able to handle decoding, especially since Boxee's decoder doesn't take advanage of dual/quad CPUs, neither does VideoLan's VLC media player.  Instead of using Boxee/VLC you'd need to use something like ffmpeg's multi-core codec with Media Player Classic.  And for those of you with an ION based computer (netbook, HTPC, etc) you should see some benefits as well.  

Video from their announcement is here:

Sign up for the beta here:

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