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Sunday, November 29, 2009

When UPS 2-day air isn't 2 days... more like slow-ass day air

I'm home a little early on Wednesday afternoon, ready for a 4 day turkey weekend.  I fire up the 'ol HTPC for some boxee\hulu\mkv... and nothing.  After a some troubleshooting, it's the powersupply.  Unfortunately this is a small form factor PC so it requires a non-standard sized powersupply.  I hop on the interwebs, find a replacement, schedule it for 2 day air, and then I sit back and wait, and wait. 

I placed my order on the 25th, and deliver is scheduled for the 30th, a monday.  Great!  I'll get my HTPC up and running right when the full week starts.  What the hell!?!?  So instead of watching quality shows on the internet (TWiT, fringe, the cleveland show) I stare at the UPS package tracking page all weekend:

and whats up with that stop in Dallas?!?!?   it arrived on the 28th at 6am, and it sits there for over a day.  Come on people, I need to watch some hak5 and tekzilla.  WTF! 

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