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Friday, December 6, 2013

Directory junctions for dropbox

Some time ago Dropbox switched their default direction location from "My Dropbox" to just "Dropbox".  If you happen to have a lot of scripts and apps installed, switching paths will break all kinds of stuff.  There used to be a workaround by installing the old client (0.7.110), then upgrading through various releases to the latest version.  This would let you preserve the old path of "C:\My Dropbox", but that no longer works.  So, we're left with two problems....

  1. We need the old Dropbox clients (installed to "C:\My Dropbox") to work with new script\app paths ("C:\Dropbox"). 
  2. We need the new Dropbox clients (installed to "C:\Dropbox") to work with the old paths ("C:\My Dropbox"). 

How do we do this?  One way is to use symbolic links.  This will create a reference link from one directory to another... similar to a shortcut.  Here's a workaround for each scenario:

1.  The old Dropbox client is already installed at "C:\My Dropbox".  Now we need to create a symbolic link that connects "C:\Dropbox" to "C:\My Dropbox":
Make sure c:\dropbox doesn't exist.  Then from a command prompt type:
mklink /J "c:\Dropbox" "c:\My Dropbox"

2.  For systems with the new Dropbox client installed "C:\Dropbox":  
Make sure c:\my dropbox doesn't exist. Then from a command prompt type:
mklink /J "c:\My Dropbox" "c:\Dropbox"

The other way to fix this problems is to edit all your scripts with the new path change, and also reinstall/reconfigure all your broken apps.  ssssshhhhhhiiiiii

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